Urals' Music Technology Centre (UMTC) was founded in March, 1992. It is situated in Ekaterinburg (former Sverdlovsk), the capital of the Urals and the third city in Russia.
From the very beginning in the UMTC are working those man who are not novices in the electronic music and musical instruments. Some of them are designers of many serial models of the electronic musical instruments manufactured by Urals' enterprises till 1972. Among them there are such musical instruments as FAEMI, FAEMI-M, MANUAL, QUINTET, MAESTRO, VS-34, Arton IK-51, ROCKTON and of course legendary synthesizer POLIVOKS.
UMTC is the member of the group of companies Arsenal Music which distributes some trade marks of musical instruments and equipment in Russia. UMTC leads acoustical researches of rooms, makes installations of sound and light equipment, consulting, repairs musical instruments, amplifiers and loudspeakers. UMTC contacts with the Urals' State Conservatorie, our specialists read lectures for students of the department of sound engineers. In cooperation with the studio of electroacoustical music we take part in the projects for informatisation and technologies in the misuc education. UMTC cooperates with the Tatiana Burakova Art Studio which manufactures curtains, backdrops and stage dressing.

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